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What would I tell Allah if the poor cannot eat – Hon. Kazaure on seeing Melaye’s cars



It is no news that Senator Dino Melayo has a fleet of cars which is both impressive and surprising. Many a times, he has flaunted most of his cars which are customised to suit his taste. Even more, these rides have his name emblazoned on them.

Recently, a particular politician named Mohammed Gudaji Kazaure visited Dino Melaye in his mansion and fed his gaze with the array of cars present in his house.

The senator who was very surprised at seeing such number of exotic cars all in one place could not help but comment about them. He commented about these luxurious rides to Dino in their native language.

In his flabbergasted state, Kazaure taunted and teased Dino. He asked a rhetorical question that suggested that he was pondering if Dino’s acquirement of such expensive cars was actually an embraced act in Islam.

To put it plainly, Kazaure went ahead to ask what Allah would think if he has such numerous cars but the poor around him found it difficult to eat. The video of him saying this was posted by Lauretta Onochie

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