The other side of Yahaya Bello as governor of Kogi state by Abdul Ben

Editor’s note: Public affairs analyst, Abdul Ben, writes on the Kogi state governor, Ahaji Yahaya Bello, stating that despite the bad press the youthful governor has received in recent times, the governor has delivered on his electoral promises and most importantly, evenly spread developmental projects across the nooks and crannies of the state.

Read below:

Arguably, there is no sitting governor in the country today that has endured a lengthy period of bad press more than the youthful governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

His traducers have also taken over a large chunk of the country’s volatile social media space to such an extent that an unsuspecting person who has no capacity to fact-check what the purveyors of the deliberate falsehood against him term his ‘sins’ against the people of the confluence state would mistakenly think he is the devil they try to paint him.

In the last few weeks, there has been a sustained increase in the barrage of sinister publications against him and his government within the media space. At best, most of the publications are short on facts and high on innuendos, acidic propaganda and outright falsehood, all meant to tarnish the rising profile of the upwardly mobile political leader.

The reason for the increase in the tempo of falsehood and intentional misinformation against his government is not far-fetched: another gubernatorial election is around the corner and he stands a pole chance of winning a record second term in office, the distractions from the opposition notwithstanding. In the minds of his political enemies, he must be stopped in his track before the main election. But can anyone cover the glory of moon?

Truth be told, aside the convoluted salary issue occasioned by the well-throughout staff verification exercise but poorly executed in the state which the governor could have managed better at the inception of his administration had he shown more sensitivity and tact, he is shoulders ahead some of his governor colleagues when it comes to delivering the real dividends of democracy to the citizenry.

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