World’s largest public bus system begins transition to electric vehicles

Public buses in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, may soon begin running on electricity.

According to World Environmental Day, making public buses run on electricity is in line with Governor Anies Baswedan’s vision, to make the nation’s capital one of the greenest cities in the world.

The Transjakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is rolling out a trail programme of the electricity powered buses on some routes in the city.

The BRT is presently serving almost 200 million riders every year, making it the largest transit system in the world as ridership grows.

Apart from the affordable luxury the BRT system offers, the government is also adding new routes to de-congest traffic jams that clogs the capital.

The electric powered BRT began trial sometimes in April 2018 as the system plans to take people on more testing rides.

The transition to electric vehicles is above all aimed at reducing air pollution as increasing numbers of vehicles running on fuel, and coal burning have indeed polluted the city.

The Transjakarta Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Agung Wicaksono, said the electric vehicles are a big move towards greener future, and said that the trial is giving them a sense of direction.

He said: “We see the move toward electric vehicles as a vital way to combat air pollution and transition to a greener future.

“The electric bus trial programme will give us a good sense of the changes we need to make to the system to ultimately replace all of Jakarta’s fleet of public vehicles with electric models.”

It should be noted that air pollution causes 7 million deaths every year and that 4 million of the cases happen in Asia and the Pacific.

As such, electric mobility is regarded as one of the 25 solutions by the UN Environment and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to air pollution.

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