Nigeria blind singer: spotted in spending time with some of his fans

Yahaya Usman, popularly called Yahaya Makaho, a blind singer who rose from being a street beggar to a famously known singer in northern Nigeria, spends time with some of his fans while wearing his trademark sunglasses in Kaduna, Nigeria, on September 25, 2019.

The singer has carved out a niche by focusing on the pressing problems that confront his fans in their daily lives. With his soft voice he croons his way through lyrics that tackle ills such as begging, drug abuse and corruption.

Dwelling on sensitive subjects has proved problematic on occasion.

Makaho upset some in northern Nigeria’s blind community after he wrote two singles that criticised the widespread practice of street begging — often the only means of earning an income for the visually impaired.

Makaho managed to resolve the conflict and has now established an foundation that provides school tuition, uniforms and brail books to help disabled youths get an education.



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