Whale beached in Cornwall dies despite rescue attempts (Photos)

A whale found stranded on a beach in Cornwall has died despite rescue efforts.

It was spotted swimming near Nare Point in the morning and beached itself on rocks at Parbean Cove on the Lizard peninsula at about midday.

Volunteers had been dowsing it in water to help keep it alive and hoped to return it to the sea at high tide.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) sent experts to the scene and confirmed it had stopped breathing.

The animal was a fin whale, the second largest creature on earth, and was 63ft (19.25m) long.

The fin whale was confirmed as dead by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Steve Green, from Clean Ocean Sailing, said the whale had been swimming alongside their boat at Helston in the morning and was found stranded on the beach at about noon.

I was really hoping we could get some help. Twenty people have turned up and I was hoping at high tide we could help her back out,” he said.

She stopped thrashing around and stopped breathing, it’s really sad,” he added.

BDMLR states on its website that whales do not beach themselves under normal circumstances.

It also warns that the chances of a whale surviving being stranded are slim.

More photos below :

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