Motherhood: Here’s an easy guide on how you should not spoil your kids

Motherhood can be tricky at times, and hence here are some tips that you must follow to not spoil your kids. This guide will help you raise your kids in a better way.

Motherhood is tricky, any wrongdoing of the child is always questioned about his/her mother’s teaching. Mothers try to inculcate good values in their child right from the time they are born. However, at times in this process, they don’t realise that spoiling their kid by pampering them is okay, but overdoing it will only make it worse.

Parents have a huge responsibility of raising children who will grow up to be responsible citizens of our society. Hence, to do so parents, especially mothers, need to be a bit strict with their child and need to make sure that everything they do is learning and teaching for them. With that, here is an easy guide, on how to not spoil your kids and teach them the right things by giving them daily life lessons.

Give them tasks:

Give them some daily tasks to accomplish so that they understand the importance of hard work. Simple things such as making their beds, clearing tables, etc. will help them build self-esteem and a sense of responsibility and in the long run, they’ll be independent enough to handle their things.

Say yes to rules:

Set firm boundaries and expectations from an early age since that makes a huge difference in how children behave as they grow up. Instead of being strict or angry, be firm with them and explain what is expected out of them in any particular situation.

Never take the blame for your child’s bad behaviour:

Parent’s who cover up for their children’s bad behaviour give out a message that it’s okay to behave in a certain way. Do not be afraid of criticising your kids as and when necessary. You have to make them realise that certain things are not at all accepted.

Do not indulge in false praise:

Don’t falsely praise your child where it isn’t needed. Kids need to learn to accept failures since only then they will learn the importance of success. We need to mould them into strong individuals who are not afraid of taking chances knowing that they may fail not once but multiple times. The idea of failure is a part of success that needs to be taught to them.

Manners are important:

Saying thank you, sorry and please are good manners, but you also need to teach your kids to be respectful to everyone, help them inculcate good sportsmanship and greeting people properly.

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