57-year-old son arrested for burying 79-year-old paralysed mum alive

A disabled pensioner known by her surname, Wang, has been buried alive for 3 days by her 57-year-old son, consistent with

Authorities in Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province, North-western China, were called to the scene after receiving a report from the paralysed woman’s concerned daughter-in-law.

Officers are often seen lifting the 79-year-old victim who is roofed in mud and still breathing.

Her son, known by his surname Ma, remains in custody and is facing an attempted murder indictment .

Investigators say he put his bedridden mother during a pushcart and wheeled her faraway from their family home around 8pm on Saturday before returning within the early hours of the subsequent morning.

When his wife Zhang asked about his mum’s whereabouts, Ma reportedly said he had hired a van driver to require her to ascertain relatives.

She became suspicious and eventually filed a missing person report for her mother-in-law, known by her surname Wang.

Authorities say Ma was summonsed to the police headquarters where he owned up to burying his mum during a deserted tomb south of Jingbian County.

Police officers located the location and surprisingly found Ms Wang crying for help after enduring nearly three days without food or water.

She remains in hospital but isn’t in any life-threatening condition, local authorities said.

“The details of the case itself aren’t complicated. ‘What’s hard to fathom is that the suspect’s apparent loss of humanity. His violation of morals and ethics are unacceptable,” said Director of the Jingbian County peace , Bureau Yang Lijun.

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