Nail Care: 5 effective ways to help stop biting nails

It is a terrible habit that’s usually imbibed as a child and is sort of hard to abandoning of.

More than half the number of children and teenagers bite their nails. With the present situation today, more people are taking to the present means to alleviate their stress or showcase their anxiety. Biting of nails may be a hard habit to urge obviate . it’s a symbol of emotional and mental stress and tends to point out up when people are nervous, anxious, feeling low or stressed. Biting of nails may be a thanks to deal with the emotions .

But that’s not all. Biting of nails is additionally common in people that are bored, hungry or maybe feeling insecure. It happens automatically, without putting much thought into it, sort of a reflex.

How to stop biting nails:

While an instantaneous change can’t be made overnight, practising these steps will ensure nail-biting reduces and eventually ceases.

Cut nails
If you do not have long nails to bite, it just won’t feel as satisfying once you bite short nails.

Coat them with bitter-tasting nail formula
Special nail polishes are available that taste extremely bitter. whenever you set your nail in your mouth to bite it, the bitter taste should stop you from doing so.

Wear gloves
It might sound silly initially but this is often known to be one among the foremost effective techniques. Wearing gloves doesn’t allow you to urge to your nails to bite them.

Get manicures
Yes, it’s an upscale method, but if you splurge on your nails, you’ll not desire biting them after spending such a lot money on ensuring they appear so good!

Keep your hands and mouth busy
Fiddle with a stress ball, constantly write things down, type or maybe chew gum to assist you ensure your hands are available the smallest amount contact together with your mouth.

Get help
If none of those seems to assist , it’s best to go to a doctor and obtain therapy for your problem.

At a time like this when washing hands and ensuring there’s minimal contact between the hands and therefore the face, it’s important that one gets obviate this habit because it could literally cost your life!

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