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Did you know computer and phone screens could damage your skin tremendously?

We all know that UV rays from the Sun are harmful but, UV radiation is also emitted through the screens that you simply use throughout the day and it affects the skin tremendously.

We have all known the very fact that watching a screen for hours can damage our eyesight, but did you recognize that it also affects skin health. The blue light emitted by most screens that we use may be a short wavelength light that which emits tons of energy. We’ve all known about the consequences of the harmful blue light that the Sun emits but we also get small doses of it through our computer and phone screens. quite lot of times, you’ll also get an equivalent from indoor lighting.

Now, we all know that a particular amount of blue light from the sun is useful for us. But considering the very fact that we are exposed to the harmful light in the least times through our screens, it becomes imperative to find out about its harmful effects.

It is important to understand that this light is man-made and doesn’t have an equivalent natural and positive effects that sunlight has on our body.

With our screen-time increasing by the day, blue light can often end in skin-ageing including a rise in wrinkles. It could also worsen issues like hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.

People with darker skin tone who have more melanin content in their skin are often susceptible to pigmentation and redness from the screen lights. the sunshine often breaks down the healthy collagen which ends up in hyperpigmentation or black patches.

So, what are often done to guard the skin?

Well, for starters, reducing the screen time might do the drill. But, let’s be real, with the screen becoming our greatest friend during the lockdown and most of our work being handled through the pc , that seems a touch difficult.

One of the simplest ways to tackle this is often by wearing sunscreen even once you are indoors. SPF protects your skin from any harmful lights and keeps it healthy.

If nothing works, the simplest thing to try to to is to consult a dermatologist.

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