Lagos accredits 3 private hospitals to manage COVID-19 cases

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof akin Abayomi Friday disclosed that three private hospitals have already been accredited to manage COVID19 cases whilst he said plans are on top gear for the commencement of home-based management of asymptomatic and mild cases.

Abayomi who disclosed while giving an update on COVID19 management said one among the hospitals has started admitting patients while the opposite two will soon start admission and management of patients.

He said: “The hospitals have passed the biosecurity compliance test. they need made modifications to their hospitals in order that their staff and other patients aren’t put in peril or exposed to a better risk of contracting COVID19”.

“Those private hospitals have passed the test and that we are just within the process of issuing them with accreditation certificate in order that they will start managing COVID19 patients within the private sector”.

However, albeit they’re managing COVID19 within the private sector, it still comes under the supervision of the Lagos government Ministry of Health. Abayomi said.

He further explained that the government is functioning on parameters to integrate home-based care to the isolation strategy, adding that asymptomatic and mild cases will now be managed reception instead of at the Isolation centres.

Abayomi noted that home-based care is necessitated by the increasing numbers of positive cases within the community which may be a results of the rise during a testing capacity.

The Commissioner said that with the increasing numbers of positive cases, the likelihood of running in need of bed spaces in isolation facilities can’t be ruled out, hence, the necessity for home-based care.

Abayomi announced that more attention are going to be paid to patients with moderate and severe cases and manage such cases at the Isolation centres to avoid complications.

His words: “We are getting to define who are often managed reception and who are often managed in an isolation facility. it’s a touch of an easy decision. If you’re asymptomatic you qualify to be managed reception just because most of the people therein category will naturally recover with none medical intervention. in any case if you’re not feeling any symptom you’ll not know you’ve got COVID19, nothing happens to you and you’ll clear the virus after seven to 10 days”.

“The people we would like to pay more attention to are the moderate to severe ones because they’re not suitable for home-based care.’’

The Commissioner however noted home-based look after asymptomatic and mild patients are going to be strictly monitored stressing an asymptomatic patient can turn mild and Abayomi said a light patient may turn moderate or maybe severe which can require management at an Isolation facility if such is that the case.

He stated that patients receiving home-based care are going to be given a COVID19 pack with which they will monitor their blood heat , measure their oxygen level, and tend certain vitamins and pain-relieving drugs to manage themselves.

“When we manage you reception we are getting to monitor you. we’ll call you by phone, people will come and visit you, your relations can call us. With our developed EkoTelemed, we will have a consultation with you in your house without us coming. We are getting to offer you COVID19 pack where you’ll measure your temperature, oxygen level, offer you certain vitamins and pain killers in order that you’ll have a cushty time while you’re isolating at home’’, he said.

On COVID-19 testing capacity, Abayomi said testing capacity is being ramped up noting that the State now has the capacity to perform 1000 tests per day and dealing at raising the capacity to 2000 or 3000 per day in order that everybody that needs testing or wishes to be tested can get tested.

“If you check out our data, we’ve performed over 22, 000 tests in Lagos thus far . We are increasing our capacity to hold out more tests every day”

“Very soon the speed at which we are testing will keep rising and don’t be alarmed because the more we test, the more cases we’ll find”, he said.

Abayomi classified as illegal the management of COVID19 patients by private facilities within the state without the knowledge and approval of the government .

The Commissioner stressed that each COVID19 patient within the state must be known to the govt for adequate data capturing.

“If you’re managing COVID19 without government permission and that we aren’t capturing your cases in our database, you’re performing an illegal act consistent with the laws of Lagos State.

“So if you would like to manage COVID19 in Lagos State, we aren’t saying you can’t . All you would like to try to to is to submit an application and that we will visit your facility to make sure that you simply have the specified equipment and specialised personnel to manage COVID19 cases. If you’ll demonstrate that you simply can do of these then we’ll offer you the approval to manage the disease”.

“Also, information about every patient managed by the hospitals must be made available to us in order that we will record it in our database”.

“COVID19 remains a public crisis and every one public crises are managed and supervised by the Lagos government and by extension the federal of Nigeria.”

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