Foods to avoid that speed up aging process

Some certain foods can speed up aging and cause you to look older? Read on to understand which foods to avoid.

People spend tons of your time and money on their skin, just to take care of it and appearance younger. But what they forget to try to to is keep a track on the foods they eat. What you eat is more important for the skin than what you slather thereon . We understand that following a diet is simpler said than done, which is why we’ve compiled an inventory of foods you ought to avoid which will help prevent early signs of ageing.

However, one thing need to |you must”> you ought to know may be a geing is a natural action that ought to affect everyone at some point in their lives. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hamper the method of ageing. While you can’t avoid the natural ageing culprits like sun exposure and advanced glycation end (AGEs) products, but you’ll use sunscreen and avoid certain foods to stop premature ageing.

Here are 6 foods that accelerate the ageing process.
Fried Foods

Fried food releases free radicals which will damage the skin cells and weaken skin’s elasticity. Foods like french-fried potatoes , sweet potato fries should be avoided. Plus, they’re high in salt which is another factor that contributes to premature ageing.

White Sugar

Eating an excessive amount of white sugar on a daily basis can contribute to the formation of collagen-damaging AGEs. High levels of sugar and sunlight can cause unwanted skin issues. Instead, choose fruits or bittersweet chocolate when craving something sweet.

Processed Meat

Bacon, sausage and pepperoni are a number of the samples of processed meat you ought to avoid. they’re high in sodium, saturated fats and sulphite, all of which causes inflammation which will weaken collagen and dehydrate the skin.

Caffeinated Drinks

Drinking soda and occasional affects sleep quite skin. And disturbed sleeping patterns are linked to signs of ageing, wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. crop on caffeinated drinks the maximum amount as you’ll .


Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can cause several skin problems including wrinkles, loss of collagen, puffiness and redness. It also results in depletion of certain nutrients including vitamin A – a crucial nutrient liable for new cell growth and production of collagen.

White Bread

Foods like light bread have a high glycemic index which may cause inflammation within the body, which successively , causes health issues. it’s also been linked to the ageing process. Try sprouted grain bread that contains antioxidants, beneficial to the skin.

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