717 rape cases have been recorded from January to May 2020 – Inspector-General of Police

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has said that 717 rape incidents are reported to the police across the country from January-May this year alone.

The IGP made this revelation while speaking with state house correspondents after himself, the Minister of girls Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, and therefore the Minister of data , Lai Mohammed, met with President Buhari this morning over the increasing incidence of rape cases.

The captain said 799 suspects are arrested thus far , 631 cases conclusively investigated and charged to court, and 52 cases are left and under investigation. He added that the COVID19 restriction is liable for the spike within the number of rape cases.

”We are here to brief you on sexual and gender-based violence and therefore the action that the govt has been taking, particularly the Nigeria Police. it’s come to the general public knowledge now that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve a surge in cases of rape and gender-based violence. These are cases that are now arising but we would like to let members of the general public know that, rape and gender-based violence are there.

The enforcement agents are handling these cases, in most cases, members of the general public aren’t conscious of the actions that the enforcement agents are taking.

The Nigeria police thus far from January-May 2020, we’ve recorded about 717 rape incidents that were reported across the country, about 799 suspects are arrested, 631 cases conclusively investigated and charged to court and 52 cases are left and under investigation.” he said

He called on rape victims to always ensure they report the interest the police. consistent with him, remaining silent gives a perpetrator another opportunity to feed on his next victim

“It may be a very wicked offense, it’s very serious offense, it’s very wicked of a private to interact in rape or defilement. And there are tons of causes, some do it for ritual purposes, some do it because they’re within the family and that they see the victims and have the urge to travel into it and roll in the hay . But such people shouldn’t be allowed to travel scotch free.

I am just to tell you that the govt is doing something about it and you’ll see me with the ministries of data and Culture, Lai Mohammed and ladies Affairs Development, Pauline Tallen.

From now onward, national partnership with every stakeholder is what we are going into now and not only within the country but within the subregion.

We have to partner with organizations that are involved during this . we all know we’ve been working seriously with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and other civil society organizations. So just to inform you that government is doing something seriously to curtailed this sort of offense”’he said

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