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Iran Has World’s Most Transparent Nuclear Program – Spokesman

The spokesperson for Iran’s administration says Tehran has given the International nuclear energy Agency inspectors the very best level of access to nuclear sites that a rustic may give the UN nuclear watchdog, stressing that Iran has the foremost transparent peaceful nuclear program within the world.

Speaking at a weekly news conference on Monday, Ali Rabiei highlighted Iran’s transparent cooperation with the International nuclear energy Agency and warned the UN nuclear agency to not fall into the influence of political objectives of others.

“In the world of providing access for the inspectors of the institution (IAEA), we’ve offered facilities, and at the present , we will confidently claim that we’ve the foremost transparent peaceful nuclear program within the world,” the spokesman said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has given the IAEA the utmost degree of access that a rustic may give the international agency,” he emphasized.

“Take a glance at the regional countries! Has any of them ever had a percentage of our transparency during this regard? Iran, in turn, expects the IAEA to submit its requests within the framework of the Safeguards regulations and therefore the Statute of the IAEA,” Rabiei added, pertaining to the IAEA Board of Governors’ Monday meeting on the reports that Iran has blocked inspection of two sites where nuclear activity may have occurred.

“We expect the (IAEA) Board of Governors to guard the independence of this international institution against the US bullying. Our primary expectation is that the (IAEA) Board (of Governors) maintains its independence. Moreover, we warn that using political criteria for reciprocal addressing of the commitments and rights of the countries within the International nuclear energy Agency will end in nothing but dissolution of trust and an increase in world instability,” he noted.

“We have emphasized repeatedly that we remain committed to all or any of our international undertakings, whose obvious evidence are the seventeen positive reports from the IAEA in recent years. we’ve been always prepared to offer the IAEA inspectors the required and justifiable access consistent with the previous valid agreements and therefore the international regulations,” the spokesman stressed.

“From now on, we’ll act on this basis and therein manner and consistent with the technical necessities that exist. Our argument is that the difficulty of technical inspections must not become political by any means. Politicization of the difficulty won’t only not help resolve the differences which will exist between us and therefore the IAEA, but will complicate things ,” Rabiei stated.

“As the IAEA has issued positive reports within the past years, we hope that it might not allow political objectives to affect the IAEA this point . we’ve been expecting the IAEA to try to to this, and therefore the IAEA has also satisfied our expectations thus far ,” the spokesperson added.

Rabiei finally condemned the “evil intentions of the US and Israeli regimes and therefore the Israeli regime’s provocations” with the aim of ruining Iran’s nuclear program.

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