WWE 2020 result : Big victory; Here’s what went down

WWE Backlash 2020 result: From Edge’s loss to Sheamus’ big victory; Here’s what went down
From Randy Orton defeating Edge, to Bobby Lashley losing against Drew McIntyre, inspect WWE Backlash 2020 results and match highlights.

Even though WWE’s latest backlash event was loaded with some remarkable performances, all eyes were jittery and Randy Orton, who were expected to deliver the ‘Greatest match Ever’ as a part of the most event. And it’s safe to mention that the wrestlers didn’t disappoint. a bit like the WWE officials had panned, the sting and Randy’s match was the highlight of the event. a bit like all the opposite recent shows, Backlash was also aired without a live audience.

While most of the Backlash matches were aired live, it had been previously reported that the most event between Edge and Randy was pre-taped before time. Drew McIntyre brutally defeated Bobby Lashley and retained his WWE Championship. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman retained his Universal Championship. Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and therefore the IIconics to retain the Women’s Tag Team titles.

Here are results and highlights from the WWE Backlash 2020 event:
Sasha Banks and Bayley retain the Women’s Tag Team titles after defeating Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and therefore the IIconics

The match started with Bayley, Kay, and Cross, and that they were later joined by Alexa. Royce was tagged in shortly, after which Banks entered the ring. The six wrestlers flaunted some powerful moves as they tried to realize control of the match. At one point, Bliss and Cross used a double team advance Royce and Banks. Meanwhile, Nikki and Alexa were busy fighting with Peyton Royce. The match ended with Sasha learning the primary win on Backlash.

Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy

Jeff and Sheamus kick-started the match entering the ring showing off their moves. In an effort to realize control of the match, Sheamus continued to hit his opponent before Jeff decided to answer with a kick. The match soon went out and Jeff was close to take the steel steps to hit the Sheamus, but he decided against it to save lots of himself from being disqualified. Sheamus then dropped Jeff on the ring post and he hit his knee. Jeff kept on kicking albeit he was having trouble staying on his feet due to the injury.

After hitting one another with some powerful blows, Hardy decided to place an end to the fight and hit the Twist Of Fate and followed it up with the Swanton Bomb. However, the moves didn’t hand as planned and Sheamus got his foot on the ropes and broke the pin. Sheamus hit Jeff with two Brogue Kick and ended up winning the match.

Asuka defeated Nia Jax and retained her RAW Women’s Championship

Without dalliance , Asuka instantly went for a sleeper hold but at the start of the match, Nia was powerfully countering Asuka’s every move. It appeared like a one-sided match as Jax dominated the fight by hitting Asuka with some killer moves. However, she did not choose the pin. Jax later went for a Jackhammer and Asuka countered it by hitting the Shining Wizard followed by a dropkick and a Hip Attack. because the match went outside, where Asuka ended the fight with a double count-out.

Braun Strowman defeated Miz and Morrison to retain the Universal Championship

The match started with Miz and Morrison taking turns attacking Braun. And while it initially felt just like the challengers had the match in check , Braun knocked out Morrison before dodging an enormous boot from Miz. the 2 again started dominating the match as they tried to overpower Braun’s moves. Strowman finally hit Miz with a chokeslam within the ring, and Morrison was caught within the running power slam. The fight ended with Braun winning the match.

Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Lashley and retained his WWE Championship

In an effort to dominate the match from the very beginning, Bobby Lashley went for the complete Nelson before the fight even started. albeit the move was technically wrong, Drew decided to travel ahead with the match no matter Bobby’s behaviour. Initially, Bobby completely overpowered Drew together with his powerful moves. But it didn’t take long for Drew to realize control of the match and threw Bobby into the barricades. Drew ended the match by hitting the Claymore.

Randy Orton defeated Edge

The fight was everything the wrestling fans were expecting . Edge kick-started the match by hitting an enormous big boot to Orton. the 2 continued to hit one another with powerful blows and at one point within the match, Orton was busted open and began bleeding. Edge made some failed plan to gain control of the match. Orton ended the match by hitting Edge with two RKOs, but they didn’t land as planned. However, he won the match by planting a Punt kick. Reportedly, the Rated R Superstar suffered an injury during the fight.

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