Depression Symptoms: THESE are the warning signs of the mental health condition

Depression Symptoms:Persistent sadness and suicidal thoughts are a symbol of depression. Read on to understand how you’ll deal with the condition and keep off feelings of sadness.

Feelings of hopelessness and unpleasantness often sneak in from time to time. But when these feelings don’t get away , it’d mean you suffer from depression. Life might sound sort of a long journey of failures and setbacks, while you are trying to survive your way through it but suicide or the other drastic measure isn’t how you ought to affect it. But when is it time to hunt help? When does one know things are becoming out of control?

A person affected by depression doesn’t particularly look sad or devastated all the time. it’s difficult to understand if someone is feeling sad thanks to an unfortunate event or if they’re handling something major and not truly expressing how they feel. Depression, if left untreated, are often detrimental to your health. regardless of how hopeless or depressed you are feeling in life, you’ll recover if you reach out. But first, you ought to know what depression means.

Here is everything you would like to understand about depression and the way to affect it.

What is Depression?
Depression may be a long-term mental disease that impairs our thinking, behaviour and perception. It doesn’t necessarily need a trigger to feel depressed. When someone is depressed, they could feel sad or hopeless all the time and about everything. you’re ready to laugh, but you’re unable to enjoy the instant .

Symptoms of Depression
Different people might experience different symptoms, but there are common symptoms of depression, including:

Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

Change in sleep patterns

Loss of interest in daily activities

Inexplicable weight loss or weight gain

Irritability or restlessness


Compulsive behaviour

Unexplained pains like headaches, stomach pains, etc.

Constant feeling of fatigue

Suicidal thoughts

Extreme mood swings

Types of Depression
Knowing the sort of depression might assist you recover faster. The four major sorts of depression include:

1. Mild and moderate depression: an individual affected by mild depression won’t be ready to enjoy life and find joy in anything. These symptoms amplify in moderate depression. These two are the foremost common sorts of depression.

2. Major Depression: this is often a more severe sort of depression, characterized by persistent feelings of hopelessness, sadness and worthlessness. It can have dire consequences if left untreated.

3. Atypical Depression: It means you’re depressed but can feel happy in positive situations. it’s a subtype of major depression and has symptoms include weight gain, increased appetite, sleeping excessively, heavy arms and legs, and sensitivity to rejection.

4. Seasonal major affective disorder: People might experience this disorder thanks to lack of sunlight, especially during the winter season.

How to deal with it?
1) one among the main causes of depression is isolation. So, the simplest way is to succeed in out and ask someone you trust. it’d seem too easy an answer , but it’s believed to be one among the foremost effective solutions to fight depression.

2) Depression can cause you to lazy. Studies have shown that exercising regularly can alleviate the symptoms of depression and improve psychological state being. Start from small activities.

3) Reducing alcohol intake or drugs may help with depression.

4) Avoid caffeine, trans fat, sugar, refined carbs – foods which will have an adverse effect on your mood.

5) Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B, healthy carbs and more.

6) Pick a hobby and check out to enjoys something that creates you cheerful and keep off feelings of sadness.

7) Seek professional help if these lifestyle changes aren’t enough.

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